Despair 😩

Boredom 😑

Fear 😨

Sadness 😢

Deprivation 😖

Powerlessness ☹️

These feelings seem to be in the water; they are everywhere. I see them in clients, friends, myself. And judging by the stats on alcohol sales, it appears a collective decision has been made on what to do about them.

Cultural messaging tells us that “negative” feelings are a problem that we can drink, eat, Netflix, or shop our way out of. Dollars drive much of this narrative so, by necessity, it glosses over a few essential things:

👉 Emotions are physical manifestations of thoughts we’re having. Even at their most uncomfortable, they are harmless. 

👉 The chemical path of a feeling in our body is 90 seconds. If we allow it to run its course without fueling it with additional thoughts, it will lessen in intensity or dissipate entirely in that time. 

👉 If you need a drink to trick your central nervous system into tolerating your life, then it’s time to make some changes. Your feelings are messengers. Don’t drown them.

Next time you’re feeling an urgent need to grab a drink pause and ask yourself a few questions:

🤔 What feeling am I trying to avoid?

🤔 What is it trying to tell me?

🤔 Why do I need to escape this feeling?

🤔 What is the actual physical experience of it?

Then remind yourself that you’re safe. Breathe. You’re doing the work of deconditioning your habit. ♥️