Well, this was a timely book to come up on my stack.

One thing, in particular, has struck a chord with me at this time. Namely this…it isn’t personal. 

Other people get divorced, fret over their kids’ screen time, or feel lonely during quarantine. 

When we’re in it, it feels so unique and personal. But if we draw back to the 10,000-foot level we can start to reframe our situation in the context of the shared human experience. We can start to take things less personally. We are not alone in our suffering.

As Pema says, “If I really connect with my jealousy, my anger, or my prejudice, I find myself standing in the shoes of humanity.”

This is so comforting to me right now. These are surreal times. If your brain is telling you that you need to seek solace outside of yourself and need a drink to escape, you’re not alone.

Take a beat and remind yourself that we are all in this with you.