If you’re still struggling to get your pandemic footing, you’re not alone! I’m right there with you and so are many of my clients. 

I’ve talked to lots of people over the last couple of weeks who are frustrated with themselves because:

They’re eating more

Numbing with alcohol

Struggling to provide structure for their kids

Can’t seem to focus on work 

But it’s worth noting that their frustration comes not from the eating, drinking, kids, and work, but from their thoughts that they “should” be doing it differently, followed by what they make it mean about themselves that they aren’t (out of control, bad mom, etc). 

This line of linking adds a layer of shame to what they are already struggling with.

It’s hard to take positive action and make changes from a place of shame. 

If you’re in a similar predicament try these two things to get unstuck:

  1.  Let it be okay that you’re here right now. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic for chrissakes. We’re all finding our footing at different paces. Trust that getting thrown off your game for a while is part of the process of figuring out your new normal. This is my own mantra right now: “It’s okay that you haven’t figured this out yet. You’re still learning.”
  2. Use your thoughts to generate feelings of capability instead of worry and shame. Compare these two thoughts: “I can’t believe I don’t have the kids on a schedule yet! What’s my problem?” 🆚 “I trust that I can figure this out.” I know which one most of us default to, but which one reminds you of your capability?  I promise you don’t have to be unkind to yourself to spur action; you’ll get better results when you take action from feelings like focus, determination, and capability. Play around with which thoughts generate those feelings and practice them!


Would you believe that NOW is the perfect time to change your drinking? There are triggers o’ plenty, so lots of opportunities to practice retraining your brain and unlearning the habit. You don’t need more will power, I promise; just the right tools. Sign up for a free session by clicking on this link and I’ll help you out.