At our house, the novelty has worn off what initially we referred to as Coronacation.

The gravity of the situation has started to set in. 

We’ve read the headlines. We’ve studied the statistics.

We know intellectually that this could last a while, but nothing about it feels normal or like real life. It feels like we’re living in a state of suspended animation. 

A lot of us are having the thought that we’re stuck until this passes. Or think we simply need to make the best of things until life can return to what it was. 

But these thoughts, as innocuous as they seem, keep us waiting instead of living. 

They give us an excuse for numbing. 

They allow us an excuse for postponing our goals or not making changes we had planned for. 

But what if we weren’t comparing our situation to life two weeks ago or how things will look a few months from now (which, funnily, resembles life two weeks ago), how would we show up differently?


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