What if I told you there was only one thing you had to do in order to:

Change your drinking (your spending, your Netflix-ing, your overeating)?

Stop people-pleasing?

Reach your goal (whether it’s cleaning your car or starting a business)?

Develop unshakable confidence?

Would you do it? Because there is a common thread to doing all of those things. 

It’s being willing to experience any emotion. 

That’s the secret to all of it. 

To change your drinking you have to be willing to experience a craving without distracting yourself, giving in to it, or bracing against it. It’s uncomfortable as hell and it’s how you decondition your brain and make sustainable change. 

You also have to be willing to feel whatever emotion you are trying to escape through that drink. We can’t change what we are unwilling to look at.

Changing a habit, or reaching a goal, or showing up as your authentic self requires discomfort, disappointment, restlessness, and courage. None of those feel good. I don’t blame you if you want to avoid them. 

But if you know that experiencing them will take you to the other side and, in the end, you will not only reach your goal but be stronger and more capable in all parts of your life for having learned to feel anything, would you be willing to try?

Because the other secret is that none of those uncomfortable emotions are harmful. You are built to handle all of them. With practice, they become less frightening. 

And when that happens, you have the world by the tail.   


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