My friend, Megan, describes herself as happy – she loves her life, has a job she enjoys, and feels connected to her kids and husband. But by the end of most days, she feels wrung out and is reaching for a bottle of wine. 

Nothing “bad” per se is happening so why does she continually feel like she needs to take the edge off at night? 

The culprit is a continual drip drip drip of negative thoughts. It’s like when you put a cup under a faucet that leaks ever so slightly. At first, you only have a few drops, but after 8 hours the cup is full.

I have so much to do today.

I need to lose weight.

I have a million things to do.

I can’t believe I did that. 

These thoughts are fleeting and she hardly notices them. But by dinner time, the drip drip drip had created a lot of mental drama for her that leaves her seeking relief. 

Start to pay attention to how often you are dripping negative thoughts. Pause and choose a different believable thought. These drips add up over a day, a week, a year.