Are you wanting to sail through this holiday season on an even keel? ⛵️

But your mood is buffeted about by stress, overwhelm, pushy in-laws and entitled kids? 🌬

Think you need a drink to get you through? 🍷

Instead, try a generous helping of emotional resilience. 💪 Here’s the recipe:

💫Question your thoughts. 🤔 Our thoughts are always optional. “My father-in-law is a jerk who drives me to drink” is not a fact. It’s an opinion and an optional conclusion. Is that thought helpful? What result does it get you? Even if a thought is true, if it doesn’t serve you, train your focus elsewhere.

💫Own your feelings. The guy who cut you off in the parking lot and the crowds at the store did not create your bad mood. 😡 Your thoughts about the guy and the crowds did. Feelings come from our thoughts. It happens quickly so it isn’t always obvious. Over the next couple weeks try noticing what you were thinking right before your mood shifted. It will blow your mind. 🤯

💫Let people be who they are. 👱‍♀️👶👴 What other choice is there really? Other people’s behavior is about them, not you, so why take it personally? This gets easier once you’ve gotten a handle on questioning your thoughts and owning your feelings.

💫When in doubt, choose love. ❤️ Towards others – yes, but especially toward yourself! Undecided whether you want to drink at a party after you promised yourself you wouldn’t? What would love choose?

💫Decide ahead of time how you want to show up. Do a mental dress rehearsal envisioning yourself applying the emotional resilience ingredients above at an upcoming event. Anticipate obstacles and strategize. You’ll show up more confident and relaxed.

Happy Holidays! 🎊 Let’s do this.