Uncle Ted talks about impeachment hearings. ✅

Mom suggests you check out weight watchers. ✅

Son displays beyond-his-years burping talent at the dinner table. ✅

Grandma asks, “When are you getting married?” ✅

Do you dread Thanksgiving 🦃 get-togethers with your family? Do their comments send you into a tailspin? 😖 Instead of reaching for a glass of wine 🍷 to numb yourself against the onslaught, try putting the fun back in dysFUNction! 🎉

Make yourself a bingo card and fill in the squares with all the predictable stuff your family says or does that makes you crazy during the holidays. Color in a square (discreetly!) every time they act on cue.

Not only will it lighten things up for you, but it will help you drop into watcher mode instead of getting carried away by frustration, annoyance, or embarrassment.

Do you know what you’ll be putting in the squares of your bingo card? Share one of them in the comments. We’ll get through this together. 😉❤️