Some weeks everything comes together. I’m feeling energetic and inspired. I’m productive at work and at home. I’m patient with my kids.

Other weeks are a slog. It’s a struggle to honor my schedule. I’m wanting to Netflix and chill. My mood never seems to climb above neutral.

This week is a slog week. If I try to look too far ahead, I feel overwhelmed. So I’m breaking everything down and asking myself:

What’s the next right step?

One step is something I can do. I don’t need to be excited about it.

If I’m not sure what the next right step is, I take a guess. I can course-correct later if I don’t like the result.

One choice at a time is how we build our days, change our habits, reach our goals.

If you’re feeling a little stuck today, I’m right there with ya! Just take one step. Make one choice that feels the most like love.