I used to be an expert at avoiding the uncomfortable stuff. 😳

I’d grab a glass of wine while making dinner to relieve stress. 🍷

I’d check my phone the second I felt bored. 📱

I’d binge-watch Weeds while putting down a bag of salt and vinegar chips if I’d had an argument with one of my kids. Television 📺

I wanted things to be less painful. My instinct was to push uncomfortable feelings away.

But..ugh! Feeling comfortable all the time isn’t the human experience and trying to change that just left me feeling worse. 😣

I still notice that I default to this pattern from time to time, but now I’m on to myself. The quote above is a flashlight that shows me the way out of avoiding the hard stuff I need to do to evolve into the next version of myself. Kinda the purpose of life, right?

If you’re in the same boat, here are a few other thoughts I’ve picked up along the way that might help you shift your mindset and give you some motivation when you need it. 🔦 💪

*How can I make this a project instead of a problem? I just heard this one recently from Rachel Hart and it’s my new fave. Tell yourself something is a problem and you will wallow. Tell yourself it’s a project and watch your brain get to work.

*How will this help me evolve into the next higher version of myself? If you can learn to do things even when they are uncomfortable or scary, think about what is possible for you.

*How is this happening for me? In other words, what are the hidden benefits? For example, will allowing your drinking urges to go unanswered help you manage other areas of your life where instant gratification is hurting you?

*My life is about learning and growing and this is the next phase of the curriculum. Have fun with it. The discomfort of growth is way better than the discomfort of stagnation.

Do any of these resonate with you? Comment below. ⬇️

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