I love this quote. Not just as a reminder to take chances and make big decisions, but also as a prompt to pay attention to the little day-to-day choices that create a life. Choices like:

Whether to keep our promise to ourselves not to drink that day.

Whether we honor what we’ve scheduled on our calendar.

Whether we tell a little white lie that doesn’t really hurt anyone other than ourselves.

Whether we take the next step or wallow in, “I don’t know.”

Any one of these seemingly small decisions may not amount to much on it’s own, or so it seems. But they add up, multiply, compound over time.

It’s hard to know who you are or what you’re capable of when you don’t keep your word to yourself. Or you subvert your truth for someone else’s. Many of us do those things everyday without even being aware of it. We may be wonderful to those around us, but we’re out of integrity with ourselves.

When that happens we give up on our goals. Or, perhaps worse, we don’t even set them because we know we won’t follow through. Our word to ourselves becomes cheap. We lose touch with our authenticity.

The good news is we can change this starting immediately. One small choice at a time. Each one takes you closer to or further from yourself. Practice with something little and build from there. Your future self will thank you.