We so often drink to anesthetize our worries, unhappiness, or insecurities, but the damn things are always still there when we sober up. In fact, they’re worse because now we have the anxiety and depression that alcohol leaves in its wake as our bodies struggle to reestablish homeostasis.

What we have truly lost out on were the meaningful moments the day had to offer.

A chance to really be present with our kids.

Conversations with friends that we’ll actually remember the next day.

An opportunity to be kind to ourselves – to live authentically, get a good night’s sleep, or show ourselves that we are capable of handling life without needing a drink to detach.

What time and headspace is left for any of that when we are continually numbing out or struggling through a hangover? How can we deal productively with our problems or insecurities if we are always on the run?

Our lives are the accumulation of our days and how we spend them. Let’s stop trying to drown the tragic and indulge instead in the magic of all the little moments that are ours for the taking.